Sew It Your Self Slipcovers (SIYS) is your online resource for everything related to slipcover education. You will find information on everything from sewing your own slipcovers to starting and running your own custom slipcover business.

SIYS came about because of my passion for slipcovers and my passion for teaching. SIYS allows me to combine both these passions into one venture.  Since 2004, I’ve taught other slipcover professionals at the annual Slipcover Summit, and I teach local classes in studio, but I want to do more.

In all my teaching and talking with people about slipcovers, I realized there is a need for professional slipcover training. Sew it yourself’ers are hungry, starving actually for accurate, easy to understand information on how to make slipcovers. And that is exactly what you will find here at SIYS; good, solid information to enable to slipcover it yourself!

So, exactly what will you find here?

*online classes                                                    *business tips

*tutorials                                                              *tips & tricks for professional results

*ebooks (free and paid)                                  *consulting

And that is just the start! I have so many great ideas for SIYS, which I will go into more detail in coming posts. Are you ready to learn to slipcover it yourself? To stay up to date on the latest happenin’, do follow the blog and don’t forget to sign up below to receive my free ebook How To Make Bias Covered Cording and get ready for one exciting and learning filled journey.

The Slipcover Diva

About Angie


PORTRAIT-AngieCircleI started sewing at the early age of nine, the summer between 5th & 6th grade.  Since then I have logged in countless hours at the sewing machine, enjoying every minute of it.  Well, almost every minute.

After attending a four day professional slipcover class in 2000; I opened my slipcover business.  Then in 2004 I started teaching at the annual Slipcover Summit and rediscovered how much I enjoy teaching. 

My love of teaching is what inspired SIYS.    SIYS is here to help you achieve your goal of making professional looking slipcovers.   This is my virtual classroom, so that I can reach students no matter where you live.