Merri Singer

Let me introduce you to the newest member of my sewing machine brigade.  Her name is Merri Singer.

Singer Merritt 2404

Merri is an accidental member of the group.  I really wasn’t looking for a new addition and only  purchased her because I needed a case for another machine.  I can buy a used machine in a case for less than I can purchase a new case.  I found Merri in the back corner at Goodwill for $10.06.  Don’t ask about the .06, don’t know why they price that way.

I think old Merri had been regulated to the garage, as the case was very, very dirty.  But the price was right, so what’s a little elbow grease, huh.  So I rescued Merri and took her home.  The case was so dirty, first I had to hose it down, then give it a good hard scrubbing.  But it came out looking like new.

Little did old Merri know she was on her way back to the thrift store, minus a case this time.  You see, I’m not fond of Singer machines unless they are very old ones. So I go to load her up in the car and realized this ole gal is heavy.  I mean heavy! As in H-E-A-V-Y! Wow, maybe she might be worth keeping.  So I took a good look at her and realized, this baby is cast iron.  They don’t make them like that anymore.  At this point, I decided to at least give her an audition before just dumping her again but I had to run and get some bobbins before I could test her out.

Would you believe this baby passed my rigorous test with flying colors! Talk about being surprised.  I was so not expecting that.  So humbly apologizing to Miss Merri, I proceeded to clean her up, went to the sewing machine dealer and purchased a new throat plate and have decided to give Merri a place of honor in my classroom.

Singer Merritt stitch dial

Here are a few tidbits I found about the Singer Merritt 2404

Solid cast iron body

Built in the late ’80’s

Comes with decorative stitch cams (mine didn’t)

But what is most impressive.  Miss Merri stitched through 10 layers of duck cloth fabric.  Yes 10 layers!  I didn’t think the old gal had it in her.  I can see a lot of slipcovers coming out of her.

Guess I better go look for another case.

Singer Merritt with buttonhole attachment