Been a long time

It has been a long time since I’ve shown my face around here, mainly due to a difficult last year.  Last April my mother had a major stroke that she never fully recovered from.  She lost her ability to speak and was paralyzed on right side.  At the beginning we were very hopeful that she would recover, but it soon became evident the damage was too much.

Since my sisters and I were not able to care for her at home, we had to put her in a nursing home.  So our main priority became to make sure she received the best care possible.  We established shifts where at least on of us 4 daughters were there with her almost all the time.  Since my work schedule was most flexible, I spent most of my days at the nursing home with Mom.  That meant a lot of things in my life got put on hold, including this.

In December Mom moved on to another phase of her life.  I miss her so much, but now I must move on also.  I will never stop missing Mom, but I feel her here with me all the time.

So what does that mean for Sew It Yourself Slipcovers?  Well, I need to revive and revamp–it is time for a new look, don’t you think?  Also, there are some technical problems that I have not been able to solve myself and no one else has either.  As you may have noticed, none of the comments show up and I can’t figure out why.  Very frustrating.

For the next few weeks, I will be working behind the scene rebuilding the site.  What I have now will stay up until then.  I hope to see you back here real soon to reveal the new look.