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Quick Pleater Updates

I have some good news and not so good news about the Quick Pleaters.  First the good news.

The 1″ pleaters are now available singly.  So if you don’t need an entire set you can purchase it all by itself.  Just hop over to the store and get it now.

And for the first bit of not so good news. I am currently out of large sets.  They are on order and should arrive in about 2 weeks.

And, as things always seem to go, productions costs for the Quick Pleater has risen again.  I’ve tried to hold down the retail price, but the time has come where I must raise the price.  Effective April 16, the purchase price for the small and large sets will increase to $33.95.  The single prices will increase to $12.

Any orders placed for the large sets before April 16 will be honored at the current price.  So if you are on the fence, get it now before the price goes up.



Ruffled Ottoman Slipcover

This slipcover is just too cute for words.  The client collects cute pieces of furniture and old textiles and sells them.  But she is keeping this one for herself.  The floral print is an old drapery panel and the contrast trim is what we are using for the love seat.  She wanted something short & flirty, so I did this full gathered skirt with a 1″ contrast band at the bottom.  So cute!

just too cute!

For the gathers, I used the zigzag over cord technique as shown in my gathering tutorial.

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Sewing & Quilting Expo

The past week has been crazy busy.  Karen from Home Fashions U arrived last week and we have been super busy getting ready for the Original Sewing & Quilting Expo in Lakeland, FL.  Karen is teaching 6 classes–to include ottomans, bedding, updating your dining chairs, a business class and more.

While Karen is teaching, I will be working in the booth and demonstrating the Quick Pleater.  So if you are thinking about attending the show, why don’t you stop by and see what all the buzz is about.  Hope to see you there.

In the meantime, this is what the studio has looked like for the last few days.

Hope to see you in Lakeland.



One Sexy Chair

Remember this gold chair?  Well she has a brand new outfit and boy is it hot!  I have to say, this was one fun slipcover.  Although at first I was a little worried about it.  The client wanted a really tight fit, which can sometimes be difficult with these rounded chairs.  And the fabric was a knit.  It looked like a woven, but it was knit with a stabilizer on the back.  The only other time I'd worked with a knit fabric, it kept growing and growing.  Took quite some work to pull enough stretch out of the fabric so I could get a tight fit.

But this fabric was a dream to work with.  I fitted directly on the chair instead of making a muslin pattern, so I could control how much excess fabric I pulled out.

Here is a close up shot of the fabric.  Not the typical fabric most people would choose for this type of chair.  But my client is a textile artist, so I shouldn't have been surprised.

And here is the final slipcover.  She wanted tight and she got tight!  Since she wanted the fabric and the shape of the chair to be the main focus, we didn't do any details other than self welt.  I did velcro it to the underside of the chair.  This is the tightest slipcover I've made in a long while.  I love it.  Gotta be my new favorite slipcover.

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Gold Chair

I'm working on a new slipcover, this cute little gold chair.  I love chairs like this.  If I could spend the rest of my slipcover making days doing chairs like this, I would be one happy slipcover diva.

I'm doing this chair in exchange for some furniture.  A friend who knows I'm fixing up the apartment just purchased some new pieces and offered me some of old furniture.  The pieces fit perfectly in the apartment.  So in exchange for the furniture I am making a slipcover for this chair.

The fabric she choose, totally unexpected for this chair.  You can see it on the table in below. 

I'm almost finished, so stay tuned.

A New Project

So would you believe that I spent time getting my studio back in order, just in time to trash it again.  Hubby and I have started a big new project and the studio is slowly turning into a dumping ground.  Luckily it is still organized, just looks like a dump.  Have to get in there tomorrow and make some sense of it; I have a slipcover to make.

Since our soldier girl left for boot camp, we have a 2 bedroom apartment above my studio to get into shape and turn into a vacation rental.  Mostly cosmetic work, but a few rooms need some major attention.  Soldier girl moved in before we could do the work and since she wasn't very forthcoming with rent monies, the work never got done.

You can read all about it and keep up with our progress at my new blog Acorn Cottage.

But don't worry, I won't get so wrapped up in it that I forget about slipcovers.  Actually, I have an entire apartment of slipcovers to make.  So go on over and check out Acorn Cottage.

Sew Organized 2012 Day 7

The Wrap Up

Well, we've come to the end of Sew Organized 2012.  So far this week we've

  • identified our biggest problem area
  • de-cluttered by donating some items, trashing others and keeping the best for ourselves
  • sorted the keepers into like groups
  • found containers to organize the keepers by recycling, re-purposing and purchasing

But I must tell you that organizing is never done.  It is kinda like doing the dishes or the laundry.  You must keep on top of it or chaos will reign. 

Keeping Control

I've shared some of my favorite items to re-purpose and recycle and now I want to share some of what I do to keep the studio from getting out of hand.

  • put tools away at the end of each day
  • clean the floors daily
  • put projects together in a laundry basket
  • lay out project for the next day
  • make sure the cutting table is cleaned and ready to go for the next morning

Taking the time to create some daily organizing rituals for yourself goes a long way in helping you keep the studio in an organized state.  And if things start to get out of hand you know exactly what to do to whip it back into shape.

I hope you have enjoyed this short organizing series.  To help you stay organized I will be posting more organizing tips throughout the year.

I leave you with this collage photo of some of my favorite organizing from my studio.

Sew Organized Day 6

Ok, so I totally blew last week.  Went and got myself sick–note to self—no more Mexican food.  It doesn't like me anymore.  Haven't felt that bad in a long time.  But it sure tasted good.  So we will continue to take a look at ideas for recycling and re-purposing.  Here are a few items I like to recycle and re-purpose.


  • peanut butter jars–hubby eats lots and lots of peanut butter and I can't stand to throw out those perfectly good jars.  They are great for storing buttons.
  • cans–along with the peanut butter hubby also drinks gallons of coffee every day.  A few brands of coffee still comes in cans, but even the plastic coffee containers work great in the sewing room, or any other room for that matter.  Vegetable cans of all sizes are great.  Try using them for storing pens, artist brushes, scissors or rulers.
  • boxes–I love boxes of all sizes.  If I can recycle a box and turn it into something else I do.  When I need a container, boxes are the first thing I think of.  My favorite?  Recycle USPS medium priority mail boxes.  Seal the ends and cut off the top and you have a great container for papers.  Don't want to look at the USPS logo?  Paint it or cover with fabric.  There you go, a great new container for pennies.


To reuse for a different purpose.  My friends like to tease me that I have an aversion to using items for their intended purpose.  Not so.  I just like to think of other ways to use things.  Just because it is called a drawer, doesn't mean that is all it is good for.  So here are a few of my favorite things to re-purpose:

  • drawers–why not.  Here I'm using a drawer I found in the trash as a book shelf.  Works for me.

  • old soda crate–This crate has served many purposes; currently it is above my coffee bar holding paper towels and tissues.

  • plastic bag/wrap organizer–found this at marked down at Lowes and it also holds magazines.

  • shutters–hanging on the wall it becomes a magazine rack.

  • Hum, starting to see a magazine theme going on here.  I do have quite a collection, so I have to get inventive in finding ways to store them.

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Come back tomorrow and we will finish up our organizing adventure.  See you then.

Sew Organized 2012 Day 5

Today we get to one my most favorite organizing activity, all the little bits and pieces that come with sewing and crafting.  And it seems that every year there are more and more of those bits and pieces.  Here are just a few of these many items:

  • bobbins
  • thread
  • needles
  • paint
  • buttons

You have many choices on how to keep all these things organized and accessible.  You can:

  • search your home for items to recycle and re-purpose
  • head on over to America's favorite store–IKEA
  • beat feet to your favorite thrift store
  • check out the local dollar store and pick up some inexpensive pieces

Me, I like to first try and find items I already have to recycle and re-purpose and pick up other items from the thrift store. Occasionally I do have to break down and purchase new items, but that is a last resort.

Here are some ways that I have organized those many items to find their way into my studio.

My thread cabinet.  My sewing machine dealer told me that exposure to UV light weakens the thread so I keep as much as possible in a cabinet.  The thread on top is overflow; the cabinet is jammed packed with thread.

A recycled plastic coffee creamer container.  This is hanging on the wall next to a sewing machine and holds tools I like to keep handy.

A spice jar with zipper pulls.

Little drawer unit with needles.

A shutter re-purposed for magazines.

So, take a few minutes and think about how you can recycle and re-purpose things you would normally throw away.

Tomorrow we will look at other items I've recycled and re-purpose in my studio.

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