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A New Addition

Hi everyone, glad to be back with you.  Had a few pressing issues to take care of, but starting to wind that down.  In the meantime, check out the new addition to the studio.  Really didn't have room for him, but I can always manage to squeeze in a new machine!

A student of mine was in the process of downsizing and called to see if I would be interested in her old Bernina.  Since I didn't have a Bernina, I said, sure, why not.  I'm calling him Bernie.  I know, not very original, but what can I say.  He is one helluva workhorse!  I've decided to use him for my new passion–free motion stitching. 


Check him out.


Quick Pleater and First Slipcover

Meet Dawn.  Or rather meet Dawn's first slipcover project.  Dawn purchased both sets of Quick Pleaters from me back in August and used them in her first slipcover project.  Now Dawn had logged in a few hours at the sewing machine, but never tried a slipcover before.

For her first project she choose to tackle this hand me down coffee table and turn it into a slipcovered ottoman.  I'm sure you've seen this table before; I've actually owned one like it way back when.  The size and shape of the table is great, but as you can see, it was not the prettiest thing around.  So why not slipcover it!

And look what Dawn did!  Some pretty floral fabric and kicky knife pleats in a contrasting solid and wow! a whole new look.  Check out those pleats!  Gotta love that Quick Pleater.

Dawn's coffee table

Here is what Dawn had to say about the Quick Pleater:  I’m quite delighted and the pleater tool was fabulous. Can’t imagine creating the knife pleats any other way.

Way to go Dawn! Can't wait to see more pleater projects.


Get your Quick Pleater here.


Quick Pleater Singles

I'm so excited!  Two of my small pleater sizes are now available as singles.  So, if you don't need or want a full set, you can now purchase the 1/2" and 3/4" pleaters individually. 


This is something I've wanted to offer for a while, and the now the time is here!  They are avaialble in the Marketplace for the great price of $10 each.

And here is a deal for my great readers:  order both and get Free shipping!  So don't wait, get yours before they are all gone!


PS: please contact me if you wish to purchase both pleaters.  I will need to manually adjust the shipping.

A Tangle o’ Threads

I really like my sewing chair, I mean really like it.  Not that it is anything special; just your typical office task chair.  You know the kind, 5 legs, a pneumatic handle that raises the seat up and down.  Although mine seems to have a mind of its own.  I’ll be busy sewing along and all of a sudden, bam! the seat drops 3-4 inches.  If that doesn’t get my attention.

They usually are covered in some rough fabric in a dull gray, green or some other dull color.  But I upholstered mine in a happy pink fabric, so it is all nice, pretty and comfortably fits my butt.

But there is one thing I hate about it.  This!

What a mess!  And I cleaned it just two weeks ago.  Why can’t manufacturers make wheels that are covered somehow and so they don’t gather all these threads?  Is it just me, or does anyone else have this problem?

I guess it would help if I managed to get all the little bits and pieces of thread in the garbage instead all over the floor.  But I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

So I’ll just have to deal with this mess every few weeks.

Video Tutorials

When I started SIYS in 2010, my plan was to offer video tutorials on sewing techniques useful for making slipcovers.  Well, the time is here.  I’ve gone and done it!  My first videos are now available!  Hop on over to Video Tutorials and check them out.

Now, this is still a big learning curve for me, so do be kind, and no harsh criticism.  But I am open to suggestions for improvements and any future tutorials you would like to see.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Video Tutorial Preference

Need your opinion. I’m in the process of creating some basic video tutorials and I’m trying to decide on what format to use. So here is your chance to tell me which format you prefer.

The options are:

  • live video demonstration– a short video of me demonstrating the technique
  • PowerPoint video—photos of each step put into PowerPoint then made into a video

Take this short poll on the right and let me know. And feel free to leave any additional thoughts in the comments

Where I Create

Today is the day; Where Bloggers Create Blog party.  Finally got all my pictures done and boy taking, editing, uploading and add descriptions to photos takes way more time than you imagine.  But I finally got it all finished.  My studio photos are all loaded to my flickr page Sew Slipcovers.  So go on in and take a look around.

Come on in

And when you are finished, head on over to My Desert Cottage and check out all the other studios.


Studio Love

On July 15 My Desert Cottage is hosting the 3rd annual Where Bloggers Create blog party.  For the past 2 years, I intended to participate, but life got in the way.  This year, I am ready.  Although the studio got trashed while prepping for the Slipcover Summit, I’ve whipped it back into shape.  And I’ve managed to work on some slipcover projects for myself in between the sprucing up.

Come July 15, I’ll be ready to show off the studio.  But in the meantime, here is a sneak peek at one little corner.

Studio Corner

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Triple Ruffle Slipcover

Of all the slipcover samples I made for the Slipcover Summit this triple ruffle Parson chair slipcover is one of my favorites.  But they are all favorites, each for a different reason.

I generally like more tailored slipcovers, but every now and then I like them a little softer and more feminine and this one does that without too much fru fru going on.

The triple ruffle provides a chance to introduce a contrast fabric or texture.  The fabrics are a soft cotton ticking stripe and a soft linen look cotton duck.   I originally self lined the skirt, but with 3 layers of gathering, that was just too bulky.  So instead, I used a ¼” double fold hem.  Still working on getting the crease line out.  Thinking I may have to use vinegar and water.  But I’m loving this new (to me) hem for slipcover skirts.

Blue stripe Parson chair

And since my ruffling machine is on the fritz, I used the zigzag over cord method to make the gathers.

All, in all, a very soft, pretty feminine slipcover.

Triple ruffle skirt

If you have any tips on how to remove those annoying creases in the skirt, I would love to hear them.

More Slipcover Summit Pics

Well, I’ve finally had a chance to edit more photos and my brain is working again, so I can now review the Slipcover Summit more.  I started teaching at the Slipcover Summit in 2004 and each year I think it can’t get any better.  Every year I’m proved wrong!  This year over 24 slipcover divas converged on Pittsburgh for 4 days of sewing, playing, laughing, eating and learning all about slipcovers.  Talk about great fun!  How cool is it to talk slipcovers all day and not one persons gets that glazed eye look, wishing you would stop talking about it.

Here are a few more pictures showing how much fun we had.  Enjoy!

Pam and Emily listening intently

Susann taking it all in

Bernice breaking it down

Jenise working feverishly

And here are a few shots of the beautiful old church!  These pictures don’t do it justice.

Beautiful stained glass windows

Another beautiful window

Thanks to all my old and new slipcover friends for making this a wonderful experience.

If you attended, why don’t you blog about the Summit from your perspective and comment here so we can go read what you have to say.