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Office Chair Slipcover

This is my favorite office chair.  I purchased it at Habitat Restore  and it is oh so comfy.  But oh so ugly.  Looks like it needs a makeover.

 front before

the front before

the back before

the back before

After making my first office chair slipcover I had some of my hand printed fabric left over.  Just enough to cover this chair.  This chair is a little different from the typical office chair you find.  It does not have any adjustment knob in the back, along with that weird hump they usually have.  But even so, it still needed a pleat in the back because the bottom tapers in.  The pleat allows it to go on easier.

back pleat

back pleat

I complimented my hand printed fabric with a white tone on tone stripe sheeting.  I decided not to use any cording, it looks cleaner and simpler.  A look that I’m very attracted to these days.

For the skirt I used my 1/2″ Quick Pleater but left the pleats unpressed for a soft look.  The tie is threaded through 2 vertical buttonholes just at the edge of the pleat.

office chair side

soft pleated skirt

I love how soft and sweet this office chair slipcover turned out and I enjoy my favorite sewing chair even more.  I hope you like it to.

office chair front

so cute

Wing Chair Slipcover

I love making wing chair slipcovers.  So even though I’m not taking much work these days, when I got a call to do 2 wing chairs in a ticking type stripe,  I gladly took the job.  The chair wasn’t in bad shape “(forgot to take pic) but it looks beautiful now, don’t you think.

wing chair slipcover

wing chair slipcover

Love these bows.  They add such charm.

bow detail

bow detail

A nice transformation, I would say.

Large Textured Ottoman/Bench

I stopped taking a lot of  slipcover work when Mom got sick, but when an old time client called and needed some pieces slipcovered due to a wedding, I couldn’t let her down.

This piece is a large ottoman–more like a bench if you ask me.  The upholstery is very textured–almost like a carpet.

textured bench

textured bench

I was initially concerned when I saw this piece.  That is a lot of texture to cover with a slipcover.  But it was needless worry, as she chose a nice weight fabric that covered the texture beautifully.

slip covered bench

slip covered bench

She asked to keep it simple–no cording and just a hemmed bottom.  I gave her the no cording, just topstitched the seams.  But the hemmed bottom looked unfinished in my eyes.  So I took a chance and did something else.

banded finish

banded finish

I banded the bottom instead.  I think it still has a simple look, but much more finished looking.  And she was very happy with it.  I knew she would be.

bench slipcover

bench slipcover

It has been so long since I’ve made a slipcover, this took longer than usual, but it also felt good to just take whatever time it needed and not feel so rushed.  Maybe I’ll do more soon.


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New Slipcover Fabric

Well, not exactly new, but one I have not used before.  Although I’ve had it draped across my furniture for a while now and I love how comfortable it feels.


soft and comfortable

soft and comfortable

My only concern is how durable it will be.  Although it looks like a knit fabric it is a woven waffle weave.  Lighter weight than what I normally use, but I gotta give it a try.

So I will be slipcovering my living room chairs that get totally abused by me and the dogs.  I will wash and bleach it twice a week and see how it holds up.

Here is hoping for the best.

Drop Cloth Slipcover

Drop cloth slipcovers have been a rage for a while now, but I did my first one just before Christmas.  I was a little dubious about working with drop cloths, but overall, it was a pleasant experience.  But not totally without some issues and concerns.


drop cloth slipcover before

 Here is what the loveseat looked like before.  Very pretty, but a little dated


drop cloth slipcover

And the finished slipcover.  My client likes things simple.  I really wanted to do a pleated skirt, but she nixed that idea.  So, just a plain hemmed finish.

Next post I’ll review my experiences with the drop cloth.


Office Chair Slipcover II

I was so happy with my first office chair slipcover that I had to make another one.  I can see why Tessy loves making these.  They add so much style to a plain ole office chair.

The fabric I used is an old favorite of mine, osnaburg which is considered a utility fabric, but I love it.  All trimmed out in a white cotton/linen I think it looks fabulous.   For the ties, I used another utility item, twill tape.  Love, love using utility items in a decorative way.

Take a look, I think you will agree.

flirty office chair slipcover

office chair back

grommets and twill tape ties


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Office Chair Slipcover

I finally did it!  Inspired by the sweet and talented Tessy Bennett of Cozy Cottage Slipcovers I finally covered this nasty old office chair.


See, isn’t he just plain ugly!

double yuck!!

And it is not any better in profile either!

After seeing the results from Tessy class at the Slipcover Summit, I knew I had to make one.  So I did.

isn't she lovely

And look at her now!(yes, it went from a him to a her).

love her!

Take a look again!

what a pretty skirt

 And from the side.  Much better, don’t you agree.

baby's got back, huh!

Check out the back.  Finished off with a barely there sheer ribbon.

love those beads

And hand made paper beads.

lookin' good!

One last look.


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Screen Printed Pillow

I’ve had in my mind screen printing a wavy stripe pattern for a slipcover, but was kinda overwhelmed by the scope of the project.  So I decided to do a test run with a smaller project first–a small pillow.

Since this was a test run and a pattern I would most likely not use again, I decided use a freezer paper stencil.  Here is what that looks like once it is lightly pressed onto the screen mesh.

While they are considered temporary, freezer paper stencils can last for several printings.  This is after printing and washing out and you can see that it still in good shape.

And this is what the print looked like after printing.  The color of the background is off in this photo, but the finished pillow shows the true colors.

I used an X Acto knife to cut the strips, so they turned out a little more regular than I had hoped.  Next time I will tear the stripes and I think that will give a more irregular look that I’m looking for.