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Drop Cloth Slipcover

Drop cloth slipcovers have been a rage for a while now, but I did my first one just before Christmas.  I was a little dubious about working with drop cloths, but overall, it was a pleasant experience.  But not totally without some issues and concerns.


drop cloth slipcover before

 Here is what the loveseat looked like before.  Very pretty, but a little dated


drop cloth slipcover

And the finished slipcover.  My client likes things simple.  I really wanted to do a pleated skirt, but she nixed that idea.  So, just a plain hemmed finish.

Next post I’ll review my experiences with the drop cloth.


Quick Pleater and First Slipcover

Meet Dawn.  Or rather meet Dawn's first slipcover project.  Dawn purchased both sets of Quick Pleaters from me back in August and used them in her first slipcover project.  Now Dawn had logged in a few hours at the sewing machine, but never tried a slipcover before.

For her first project she choose to tackle this hand me down coffee table and turn it into a slipcovered ottoman.  I'm sure you've seen this table before; I've actually owned one like it way back when.  The size and shape of the table is great, but as you can see, it was not the prettiest thing around.  So why not slipcover it!

And look what Dawn did!  Some pretty floral fabric and kicky knife pleats in a contrasting solid and wow! a whole new look.  Check out those pleats!  Gotta love that Quick Pleater.

Dawn's coffee table

Here is what Dawn had to say about the Quick Pleater:  I’m quite delighted and the pleater tool was fabulous. Can’t imagine creating the knife pleats any other way.

Way to go Dawn! Can't wait to see more pleater projects.


Get your Quick Pleater here.


Where I Create

Today is the day; Where Bloggers Create Blog party.  Finally got all my pictures done and boy taking, editing, uploading and add descriptions to photos takes way more time than you imagine.  But I finally got it all finished.  My studio photos are all loaded to my flickr page Sew Slipcovers.  So go on in and take a look around.

Come on in

And when you are finished, head on over to My Desert Cottage and check out all the other studios.


Triple Ruffle Slipcover

Of all the slipcover samples I made for the Slipcover Summit this triple ruffle Parson chair slipcover is one of my favorites.  But they are all favorites, each for a different reason.

I generally like more tailored slipcovers, but every now and then I like them a little softer and more feminine and this one does that without too much fru fru going on.

The triple ruffle provides a chance to introduce a contrast fabric or texture.  The fabrics are a soft cotton ticking stripe and a soft linen look cotton duck.   I originally self lined the skirt, but with 3 layers of gathering, that was just too bulky.  So instead, I used a ¼” double fold hem.  Still working on getting the crease line out.  Thinking I may have to use vinegar and water.  But I’m loving this new (to me) hem for slipcover skirts.

Blue stripe Parson chair

And since my ruffling machine is on the fritz, I used the zigzag over cord method to make the gathers.

All, in all, a very soft, pretty feminine slipcover.

Triple ruffle skirt

If you have any tips on how to remove those annoying creases in the skirt, I would love to hear them.

Slipcover Show-off #10

Welcome to another Slipcover Show-off.  This weeks slipcover is the work of one of my readers, Nancy.  A while back Nancy had some questions about how to handle the area where the seat and arm meet on this chair

As you can see, this is a tricky chair.  All that tufting and no seat cushion to cover up any boo-boos in that area.

Although my tutorial on working around the arm wasn’t much help for this chair, Nancy worked her way through it and stitched up a fabulous slipcover.  And this was her first wing chair to boot!

Nancy is happy, her client is happy, and Nancy has added more skills to her slipcover skill bank.  Go Nancy!

Slipcover Show Off #9 Quilted Wing Chair Slipcover

Last week I finished one of my favorite types of slipcovers, a wing chair. This one was a little different for me though, as the client chose a quilted comforter for the fabric.

Now I know several slipcover professionals who have used quilted comforters before, but this was a first for me. Overall, it was a neat fabric to sew, with just a few minor challenges. By the time I got to the final assembly of the slipcover, it was very thick. I had to finish the sewing using my walking foot machine.

So, I thought I would share a few tips just in case you don’t have a walking foot machine:
* Eliminate the welt cord.
* Use a non-quilted fabric for the welt cord.
* Skip the attached skirt. Just bring the body of the slipcover down to the desired length and finish off with cording.
* If you choose to have an attached skirt, use the finished edge of the comforter as the finish of the lower edge or the skirt.

I love the way it turned out, don’t you!

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Slipcover Showoff #8–Alice a Whole New Look

You remember Alice, don’t ya? Remember, she was all scratched up, torn up, had a botched surgery job; beaten but not broken.

Well her owner, big Alice (who really is a tiny little lady) bought her to me hoping I could give her a face lift and a new lease on life. It was gonna be quite a challenge, but I’ve never backed down from challenges. My heart went out to poor Alice. Living in a house with 3 elderly cats must have been rough; so I took some extra care with her.

Well, take a look at her now! You wouldn’t know it is the same old gal! Big Alice loves big and bold prints, so that is what she chose for Alice’s new outfit. Talk about BOLD! With capital letters! No blending into the background for this gal. Just look at her, standing tall and proud. GO GIRL!

Slipcover Showoff #7

Let me introduce you to Alice.  I first met Alice last Thursday, the day after Thanksgiving.  Alice has let a hard life.  I really can’t decide if she has been well loved or badly abused.

Alice has some serious battle scars.  Let me show you a few.

meet Alice

At first glance she does not look too bad.  But wait, look a little closer.

Something has had it's claws in Alice

And here.

Ouch! that must have hurt

More in this corner.  Poor Alice!

Alice just can't catch a break

Someone even tried to patch her up.

a makeshift patch

an attempt to patch Alice up

But, I guess the patch was much better than this gaping wound.

open wound

Here is a better look at this wound

deep and wide wound

Alice even has scars from a previous surgery.

previous surgery attempt

Even her hem is falling down.

fallen hem

But with all that, Alice has been beaten down, but she hasn’t been broken.  Here she is all naked, still standing proud.

Alice in the buff

Alice still has a lot of life left in her and my job is to make sure she lives a beautiful life.  So don’t forget to come back and see Alice all dressed up.

Slipcover Show-off #6

This week I bring you a beachy wing chair slipcover. My client moved to this house by the water a few years ago, and is now updating everything to something more appropriate for living by the water.

Here is the before.

As you can see, a well loved piece.  Notice the missing arm panel on the right arm.  My client has two cute little dogs that love to chew on the furniture.

To update her look she chose a blue & cream stripe for a beachy look.  We did a long skirt so she can hide baskets under the chair.

For added interest and to help with the curved front legs, we did a double pleat on the skirt.  Nice touch!

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