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Office Chair Slipcover

This is my favorite office chair.  I purchased it at Habitat Restore  and it is oh so comfy.  But oh so ugly.  Looks like it needs a makeover.

 front before

the front before

the back before

the back before

After making my first office chair slipcover I had some of my hand printed fabric left over.  Just enough to cover this chair.  This chair is a little different from the typical office chair you find.  It does not have any adjustment knob in the back, along with that weird hump they usually have.  But even so, it still needed a pleat in the back because the bottom tapers in.  The pleat allows it to go on easier.

back pleat

back pleat

I complimented my hand printed fabric with a white tone on tone stripe sheeting.  I decided not to use any cording, it looks cleaner and simpler.  A look that I’m very attracted to these days.

For the skirt I used my 1/2″ Quick Pleater but left the pleats unpressed for a soft look.  The tie is threaded through 2 vertical buttonholes just at the edge of the pleat.

office chair side

soft pleated skirt

I love how soft and sweet this office chair slipcover turned out and I enjoy my favorite sewing chair even more.  I hope you like it to.

office chair front

so cute

Independence Day Sale

In  honor of Independence Day, purchases of the Large Quick Pleater set

large pleater set thumb

and Small Quick Pleater set pleater smallt thumb

will receive free shipping through July 6th. 

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Orders will be shipped out on July 9th.





Pillowcase Dress

I’m working on a few project using the Quick Pleater and here is the latest.  When I saw this pillowcase at the thrift store, I knew it was destined to become a cute little dress with cute little pleats.

alphabet pillowcase dress

This is such a happy little fabric; it makes me smile just looking at it.  And these pleats! Don’t you love them.

cute pleats

The pleats were made using the 3/4″ Quick Pleater.

Don’t have one yet! Then head on over to the store and get yours now!

Little Blue Machine

Once again, I’ve found a fun machine at the thrift store.  Meet the Mini Ultra.  A scaled down sewing machine.  This baby was brand new in the box! For $25.

the mini ultra

Now you may be wondering why I need another machine.  And a scaled down one at that.  Well, I don’t need it.  And it is not for me.  For a while my 6 year old great niece was coming over for craft day.  But my machines are way too powerful for her.  Now she can have her own machine.

I tested it out and it functions just like a normal sized machine.  After some tensions adjustments the stitch quality is great.  Take a look.

stitch test

Here are a few more shots.  I know my great niece will love it!

mini ultra


stitches available

Quick Pleater Updates

I have some good news and not so good news about the Quick Pleaters.  First the good news.

The 1″ pleaters are now available singly.  So if you don’t need an entire set you can purchase it all by itself.  Just hop over to the store and get it now.

And for the first bit of not so good news. I am currently out of large sets.  They are on order and should arrive in about 2 weeks.

And, as things always seem to go, productions costs for the Quick Pleater has risen again.  I’ve tried to hold down the retail price, but the time has come where I must raise the price.  Effective April 16, the purchase price for the small and large sets will increase to $33.95.  The single prices will increase to $12.

Any orders placed for the large sets before April 16 will be honored at the current price.  So if you are on the fence, get it now before the price goes up.



Cyber Monday Sale


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A New Addition

Hi everyone, glad to be back with you.  Had a few pressing issues to take care of, but starting to wind that down.  In the meantime, check out the new addition to the studio.  Really didn't have room for him, but I can always manage to squeeze in a new machine!

A student of mine was in the process of downsizing and called to see if I would be interested in her old Bernina.  Since I didn't have a Bernina, I said, sure, why not.  I'm calling him Bernie.  I know, not very original, but what can I say.  He is one helluva workhorse!  I've decided to use him for my new passion–free motion stitching. 


Check him out.


Quick Pleater Singles

I'm so excited!  Two of my small pleater sizes are now available as singles.  So, if you don't need or want a full set, you can now purchase the 1/2" and 3/4" pleaters individually. 


This is something I've wanted to offer for a while, and the now the time is here!  They are avaialble in the Marketplace for the great price of $10 each.

And here is a deal for my great readers:  order both and get Free shipping!  So don't wait, get yours before they are all gone!


PS: please contact me if you wish to purchase both pleaters.  I will need to manually adjust the shipping.

Merri Singer

Let me introduce you to the newest member of my sewing machine brigade.  Her name is Merri Singer.

Singer Merritt 2404

Merri is an accidental member of the group.  I really wasn’t looking for a new addition and only  purchased her because I needed a case for another machine.  I can buy a used machine in a case for less than I can purchase a new case.  I found Merri in the back corner at Goodwill for $10.06.  Don’t ask about the .06, don’t know why they price that way.

I think old Merri had been regulated to the garage, as the case was very, very dirty.  But the price was right, so what’s a little elbow grease, huh.  So I rescued Merri and took her home.  The case was so dirty, first I had to hose it down, then give it a good hard scrubbing.  But it came out looking like new.

Little did old Merri know she was on her way back to the thrift store, minus a case this time.  You see, I’m not fond of Singer machines unless they are very old ones. So I go to load her up in the car and realized this ole gal is heavy.  I mean heavy! As in H-E-A-V-Y! Wow, maybe she might be worth keeping.  So I took a good look at her and realized, this baby is cast iron.  They don’t make them like that anymore.  At this point, I decided to at least give her an audition before just dumping her again but I had to run and get some bobbins before I could test her out.

Would you believe this baby passed my rigorous test with flying colors! Talk about being surprised.  I was so not expecting that.  So humbly apologizing to Miss Merri, I proceeded to clean her up, went to the sewing machine dealer and purchased a new throat plate and have decided to give Merri a place of honor in my classroom.

Singer Merritt stitch dial

Here are a few tidbits I found about the Singer Merritt 2404

Solid cast iron body

Built in the late ’80’s

Comes with decorative stitch cams (mine didn’t)

But what is most impressive.  Miss Merri stitched through 10 layers of duck cloth fabric.  Yes 10 layers!  I didn’t think the old gal had it in her.  I can see a lot of slipcovers coming out of her.

Guess I better go look for another case.

Singer Merritt with buttonhole attachment