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To make it easier to view all the Ask the Diva questions and answers I’ve decided to put it all here for you.  I hope you find the answer you were looking for.  If not, Ask the Diva!

Kat asks: I have a chair that I’d like to slipcover, but the back is curved (where you rest your back). I’m concerned about getting that part tight. Any tips?  Thanks!

The Diva says: Kat, those curved backs can be a little tricky, but you can do it! The key is to add some extra seams on the inside back (where you rest your back) and the outside back.

If you will lay the fabric on the inside back, you will be able to see the “sweet” spot where the seam wants to be.

For a moderately curved back, I usually add 2 seams; one on each side of center. For a very curved back, you may need additional seams.

One extra point–sometimes the seams on the inside back and outside back will line up and sometimes they won’t. Just place them where they look best and don’t worry about lining them up.

Christy asks: Hi, I have a customer that choose a solid white twill fabric for her slipcover. The upholstery on the original chair shows through a little. The upholstery is also white, but has a bright colored flower patten. What to do?? I asked her to make sure the fabric was think enough, but guess she didn’t listen :) Thanks so much for your help!

The Diva says: Christy, this is a common problem with working with white fabrics, especially if the upholstery fabric has a lot of high contrast colors.
What you can do is make an undergarment for the furniture. Some people use batting, but I prefer to use ivory flannel drapery interlining instead. The ivory will hide the colors better that white.
This undergarment is very simple, no welting or any other details. Be sure and add this to your cost. I usually add 30% plus the cost of the interlining.

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