Slip Tips – Favorite Sewing Machine Feet

Hi there, I’m Angie Knowles of with episode episode 2 of Slip Tips, my video tutorial series where I share some of my favorite tips, tricks and tools of the trade for sewing custom slipcovers and other home décor items.

In this episode I want to continue our look at sewing machine feet, this time taking a look at my favorite 5 feet. These feet make the favorite list because either I use them a lot or they are just plain fun to use. So why don’t we go to the sewing machine and take a look at them, ok.

Ok, we have the #1 foot and it makes the top of the list because I use it the most. This foot is a left zipper foot because the notch is on the left side. This foot is on my machine probably 80% of the time. I use it for most of my general sewing, I use when I put zippers in and use it when I make cording. This foot is so valuable to me, I have at least 3 of them.
Next up we have the right zipper foot. As you will notice the little notch is on the right hand side this time. I like to use this foot when I do the second side of an invisible and when I stitch in the ditch. While I don’t use this foot a lot, when I do it really makes my job a lot easier.

And now we have the narrow straight stitch foot. This is my preferred foot when I do edge-stitching. This foot is a little narrower than the regular stitch foot and when I use it I let the right edge of the foot ride along the edge of the fabric. This places the stitches at a perfect distance from the edge; where as a regular straight stitch foot the stitches are too far from the edge.

And now we have the cording foot.  Next to zipper foot this is my most used foot. I like to use the cording foot when I’m doing the last step of applying bias covered cording. Although you can use the zipper foot for the entire operation, using the cording foot allows you to get just a little bit closer to the cord than you can with a zipper foot. As you can see there is a little groove on the bottom of the cording foot and the cord rides along inside that groove with the needle stitching down very, very close to it. So by using the cording foot you are almost guaranteed not to have some stitching showing, especially if you use a cording foot one size smaller than the cord you are using.

And lastly we have my newest favorite foot, the ¼” double fold hemmer foot. This foot is so cool, it makes a really nice narrow hem. The fabric is rolled around as it feeds through the foot and it makes a perfect narrow hem. Now since I just got this foot just recently and haven’t used it a lot, I can easily see it becoming one of my most favorite and most used foot.

Well there you have it, a quick look at some of my favorite sewing machine feet. The left zipper foot, the right zipper foot, the narrow straight stitch foot, the cording foot and my newest favorite the ¼” double fold hemming foot.

In future episodes of Slip Tips we will take a more detailed look at these feet as I demonstrate how I use them. Well I hope you’ve gotten some great information from this short series and will come back for more. But until then, happy sewing.