Slip Tips – Finger Ease

Hi there, I’m Angie Knowles of with episode episode 4 of Slip Tips, my video tutorial series where I share some of my favorite tips, tricks and tools of the trade for sewing custom slipcovers and other home décor items.

In this episode I want to share a technique called finger easing. Finger easing is used a lot in dressmaking especially when you sew the sleeve to the armhole and it get rid of excess fabric on the sleeve without creating puckers or gathers. It is also useful in slipcovers when you sew the arm front onto the slipcover body. A lot of time there is excess fabric that needs to be eased out. Why don’t we go to the machine, and I will show you how to do it, ok.

Ok, we are at the machine and we are ready to do some finger easing. The first thing you need to do is set your machine for the longest stitch possible. The setting for that will vary depending on your machine. Once you’ve got that set, you are ready to start stitching. You want to stitch as normal, within your seam allowance, but you want to hold your finger at the back of the presser foot like this. While you are sewing you want that fabric to start bunching up at the back of the foot between your finger and the foot. Keep sewing until it gets to be too much fabric and you can’t hold it any more. Then release it and do it again. Release it and do it some more. Continue doing that along the area that needs to be eased in. Now I will take this out from the machine and we will take a look at what we have.

You can see here where the fabric has been gently eased in, but there are no puckers or gathers. If you get too much easing, you can easily press that out or you can break the thread and just pull it out if you’ve really got a lot too much. This is a nice quick technique for getting rid of excess fabric without pleating or gathers.

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