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Office Chair Slipcover

This is my favorite office chair.  I purchased it at Habitat Restore  and it is oh so comfy.  But oh so ugly.  Looks like it needs a makeover.

 front before

the front before

the back before

the back before

After making my first office chair slipcover I had some of my hand printed fabric left over.  Just enough to cover this chair.  This chair is a little different from the typical office chair you find.  It does not have any adjustment knob in the back, along with that weird hump they usually have.  But even so, it still needed a pleat in the back because the bottom tapers in.  The pleat allows it to go on easier.

back pleat

back pleat

I complimented my hand printed fabric with a white tone on tone stripe sheeting.  I decided not to use any cording, it looks cleaner and simpler.  A look that I’m very attracted to these days.

For the skirt I used my 1/2″ Quick Pleater but left the pleats unpressed for a soft look.  The tie is threaded through 2 vertical buttonholes just at the edge of the pleat.

office chair side

soft pleated skirt

I love how soft and sweet this office chair slipcover turned out and I enjoy my favorite sewing chair even more.  I hope you like it to.

office chair front

so cute

Quick Pleater Updates

I have some good news and not so good news about the Quick Pleaters.  First the good news.

The 1″ pleaters are now available singly.  So if you don’t need an entire set you can purchase it all by itself.  Just hop over to the store and get it now.

And for the first bit of not so good news. I am currently out of large sets.  They are on order and should arrive in about 2 weeks.

And, as things always seem to go, productions costs for the Quick Pleater has risen again.  I’ve tried to hold down the retail price, but the time has come where I must raise the price.  Effective April 16, the purchase price for the small and large sets will increase to $33.95.  The single prices will increase to $12.

Any orders placed for the large sets before April 16 will be honored at the current price.  So if you are on the fence, get it now before the price goes up.



Quick Pleater and First Slipcover

Meet Dawn.  Or rather meet Dawn's first slipcover project.  Dawn purchased both sets of Quick Pleaters from me back in August and used them in her first slipcover project.  Now Dawn had logged in a few hours at the sewing machine, but never tried a slipcover before.

For her first project she choose to tackle this hand me down coffee table and turn it into a slipcovered ottoman.  I'm sure you've seen this table before; I've actually owned one like it way back when.  The size and shape of the table is great, but as you can see, it was not the prettiest thing around.  So why not slipcover it!

And look what Dawn did!  Some pretty floral fabric and kicky knife pleats in a contrasting solid and wow! a whole new look.  Check out those pleats!  Gotta love that Quick Pleater.

Dawn's coffee table

Here is what Dawn had to say about the Quick Pleater:  I’m quite delighted and the pleater tool was fabulous. Can’t imagine creating the knife pleats any other way.

Way to go Dawn! Can't wait to see more pleater projects.


Get your Quick Pleater here.


Quick Pleater Singles

I'm so excited!  Two of my small pleater sizes are now available as singles.  So, if you don't need or want a full set, you can now purchase the 1/2" and 3/4" pleaters individually. 


This is something I've wanted to offer for a while, and the now the time is here!  They are avaialble in the Marketplace for the great price of $10 each.

And here is a deal for my great readers:  order both and get Free shipping!  So don't wait, get yours before they are all gone!


PS: please contact me if you wish to purchase both pleaters.  I will need to manually adjust the shipping.

Quick Pleaters Restocked!

Finally, the time you have been waiting for! The Quick Pleaters are back in stock and ready for shipping. Order yours now, just in time for holiday sewing.

And another good note! I am working on international shipping. Just a few more things to figure out and I will be able to ship anywhere USPS delivers. Stay tuned!

NOTE: International shipping now available!