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Today is the day; Where Bloggers Create Blog party.  Finally got all my pictures done and boy taking, editing, uploading and add descriptions to photos takes way more time than you imagine.  But I finally got it all finished.  My studio photos are all loaded to my flickr page Sew Slipcovers.  So go on in and take a look around.

Come on in

And when you are finished, head on over to My Desert Cottage and check out all the other studios.


The Making of A Studio, Part I

A good friend of mine, Essence Flowers, is getting ready to set up her dressmaking studio. She is moving to a new apartment with a 1 car garage, which will be converted into her studio.

Essence has asked me and DH to help her get things together. The space needs a little construction work; some wiring, finishing the walls, some work on the floor, install a walk in door and a window AC unit. After that is done, we can start work on the fun stuff.

Essence asked me to plan the layout. I came up with several ideas and this is the plan she chose.

Essence studio

The space is only 200 SF, but will some efficient planning and organizing, it will be a great space for her to design and create her beautiful couture swimsuits and bridal gowns.

So, I invite you to follow along as we go about helping Essence turn a typical one car garage into a beautiful studio.

Another Great Week

Welcome to another week here at SIYS. Last week was a long one with lots of work on the site. With some tweaking here and there I think I finally have the look and feel of SIYS the way I want it. Still some minor things to do, but it is never done, is it?

I’m happy to share more great information with you this week. Why don’t you take a listen, and see for yourself.


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A Space of Your Own

Now that you’ve decided you want to make your own slipcover, you need a place to set up to sew. How much space do you need? That depends how what type of slipcover diva you plan to be. Do you plan to be a one-time diva and sew just one slipcover? Then you will need just a temporary space.

If you plan on making slipcovers on a regular basis or if you are considering starting a slipcover business,

Or do you plan to sew a whole house full of slipcovers or maybe open your own slipcover business? The answer to these questions will determine how much and what type of space you will need. Let’s explore the different possiblities.

Temporary Space

If you only plan to sew just one or a few slipcovers, then your space needs will be minimal and simple. For a dual purpose cutting and sewing surface folding banquet tables or even the dining room table will be sufficient. Typically a cutting table is 6-8 inches higher than a sewing table, so you will most likely need to raise the table temporarily. Canned goods or bed risers are good for this.

Semi-Permanent Space

What if you want to make more than just a couple of slipcovers? Maybe a whole house of slipcovers? Setting up a semi-permanent space will be beneficial. But where? Here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.
*A corner of the family room
*A corner of the basement
*Temporarily take over the dining room
*Temporarily take over the guest room

A Permanent Studio Space

If you plan on making slipcovers on a regular basis or if you are considering starting a slipcover business, you will need to have a permanent set-up. This will require more space that the other two situations, so take a look around your house and consider some of these areas.

*The sun room
*The laundry room
*Permanently take over the dining room
*Permanently take over the guest room
*Set up a permanent space in the basement
*Set up a permanent space in the garage

These are just a few ideas. I’m sure that once you put your thinking cap on, you will think of more possibilites. Go ahead, take a look around.

If you have come up with some creative solutions for your sewing space, we would love to have you share with us.

Until next time, happy sewing.

13 Favorite Tools

I was thinking the other day about all the different tools I use in the studio and the office. Grabbed a pen and started writing down my favorite ones. Here is what I came up with. To make the list, the tool must save time, keep me organized or just be fun to use.

13. Seam Ripper—can’t really say it is a favorite, but since I can’t seem to finish a slipcover without it, decided to include it.

12. 6″ ruler—I have one of these at every sewing machine. They really come in handy and are much more useful than a tape measure around my neck. I would only choke myself with one of those.

11. Needle nose pliers—also at every machine. Really handy for pulling the cording out of the seam allowance.

10. Clipboards—great for keeping work order and other project documents together.

09. WordPress—I love WordPress. I’ve built two sites using WordPress and it is relatively easy.

08. Thesis—In conjunction with WordPress I use Thesis. Together they are a great combination.

07. Ruffling machine—My least used sewing machine, but when I want to make ruffles, nothing beats it.

06. Bias tape maker—my newest favorite tool. I just recently learned how to use it properly and love it.

05. Audacity—free open source software that I use to make my podcasts.

04. 10 tailor shears—these are some big honkin’ shears, but anything else feels like a toy.

03. Gravity feed iron—when working with heavy slipcover fabrics, you need a heavy duty iron. My Consew Gravity Feed fits the bill.

02. Skirt markers—I created skirt makers the size of skirts I put on slipcovers and this saves a ton of time.

01. Pleating tool—a tool I created to make pleated slipcover skirts. It is totally amazing.

Now that you know my favorite tools, why don’t you share yours.