wing chair slipcovers

Wing Chair Slipcover

I love making wing chair slipcovers.  So even though I’m not taking much work these days, when I got a call to do 2 wing chairs in a ticking type stripe,  I gladly took the job.  The chair wasn’t in bad shape “(forgot to take pic) but it looks beautiful now, don’t you think.

wing chair slipcover

wing chair slipcover

Love these bows.  They add such charm.

bow detail

bow detail

A nice transformation, I would say.

Slipcover Showoff #7

Let me introduce you to Alice.  I first met Alice last Thursday, the day after Thanksgiving.  Alice has let a hard life.  I really can’t decide if she has been well loved or badly abused.

Alice has some serious battle scars.  Let me show you a few.

meet Alice

At first glance she does not look too bad.  But wait, look a little closer.

Something has had it's claws in Alice

And here.

Ouch! that must have hurt

More in this corner.  Poor Alice!

Alice just can't catch a break

Someone even tried to patch her up.

a makeshift patch

an attempt to patch Alice up

But, I guess the patch was much better than this gaping wound.

open wound

Here is a better look at this wound

deep and wide wound

Alice even has scars from a previous surgery.

previous surgery attempt

Even her hem is falling down.

fallen hem

But with all that, Alice has been beaten down, but she hasn’t been broken.  Here she is all naked, still standing proud.

Alice in the buff

Alice still has a lot of life left in her and my job is to make sure she lives a beautiful life.  So don’t forget to come back and see Alice all dressed up.